Dear Diary? My DYI project…..

I have decided to start doing a few “diary” type entries that are more personal…
Now knowing myself I most likely wont be consistent with a weekly post, but I will put one up when I feel necessary. So don’t look back every week for a personal & be disappointed. Kidddinggg!

This first entry is on a personal DIY project I will do….

After work, I was walking into TJ Maxx with one of my coworkers and walked past a girl with the CUTEST boots on. So mid sentence, I cut off my coworker & ask her where she got her boots. She tells us that she got them in a boutique near little five points. (Which means they were probably over priced!)

I ask her if I can take a picture of the boots & my coworker asks,” Is this for your blog?” That’s how much I take pictures or have them take pictures of me for it… Sad, I know.

Anywho, These are the boots and I think I can do these myself!

First on my list is to find a fold over black timberland type boot. That shouldn’t be THAT hard. I’ll browse my usual spots F21, Charlotte Russe, etc. I want to find boots that I actually like, but don’t want to spend 100,0000,000,000,000 dollars. (You know I am always a fashionista on a budget!!!!!!)

Next, I am going to figure out what type of studs or stones I want on the boots. Also, the best way to keep them secure!

If anyone has any suggestions, please comment & let me know! 🙂

Until next…. xoxo TFF —if you watch gossip girl you would semi understand that. LOL

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