Follow Up of my DYI project…

To recap from the first post, I am currently trying to “recreate” this pair of black studded boots I spotted on a girl.

Here are the original boots:

On Sunday, Tee (the coworker that was with me when I saw the boots) had to go to Nine West for boots for herself and came back with good news. She found black boots for me and on top of that Nine West was doing a “Family & Friends” 25% off special on all of their shoes in store.

When I was able to go on my break I went straight to Nine West and saw these beauties…

The perfect boot, right? The boot was originally $179… then it had an 50% sticker.. and the additional 25% off. Adding up the a grand total to about 69 dollars with tax.
You can’t tell me i’m not a fashionista on a budget! 🙂

This project is starting off in the right direction. Now I’m just working on find the right studs & spikes to order for the boots. I’ll update with more information soon! 🙂

xoxo, TTF

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