10 Holiday Gifts under $30

It’s this time of year to buy gifts for everyone. Here are 10 cute, fun, or fashionable gifts… 8 of the gifts are available on fred flare and the last two are available at Nordstrom.

Minnie Mouse Wallet- $24.99

Hello Kitty Earring Pack- $18


Diamond bottle opener- $12

This is a the best bottle opener for a fashionista.

Jelly Lens iPhone Filters- $10

For ten dollars, who wouldn’t want different filters for their photos…. So cool!

Grafitti Cocktail Shaker- $30

This is clearly for the 21 & up readers, but I thought this was soooo cool. This would be a great for anyone who’s a frequent drinker… and like grafitti.

Brass Knuckle Mug- $20

Fashion Origami- $12

Very cute for a low price point.

Kate Spade Mug- $20

Very cute & classic.

Titanium Diver Watch- $18

Very cute watch, definitely for the price!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Holidays!

Xoxo, TTF

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