Christmas 2011

I feel the older you get the less the presents mean to you for Christmas. I really enjoy watching the excitement my siblings get opening their gifts. Well, my family decided to do “Secret Santa” within the family and my gift from my S.S. were three bags of watermelon sour patch kids (exactly what I asked for (-: ) and a houndstooth scarf.. My S.S. did a great job on my gift! I was very happy with that and watched everyone open their gifts.

During that time, my mom disappeared for a little while as we start to clean away some of the wrapping paper. She came back downstairs with her hands behind her back, she tells me since im the oldest she wanted to give me a nice gift of quality… and hands me an orange Hermes bag from around her back. It’s somewhat a blur of what happened at that point, but im pretty sure there was some screaming & maybe jumping involved.
It took me a few minutes to actually open the box, but when I did I opened it to the ‘H’ Hermes cuff… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

What’s crazy is that I was just on the Hermes website with my mom a few nights ago looking at all of the accessories… I am beyond words of thanks to my parents for such a wonderful. It’s only the start to my Hermes collection. πŸ™‚

I also got myself a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s… not the spiked pair that I put on my Christmas list, but the pair that I feel embodied me more.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with the people that mean the most to them! πŸ™‚

I will post more of the holiday fun later… Stay tuned!

xoxo, TTF

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