Style Cap: NY Edition

This past Thursday & Friday, I took a very impromptu trip to New York for work interviews and apartment hunting. I’m proud to say I’m finally taking the steps to move to NEW YORK!!! WOOO HOOOO. 
On Thursday after a 6:00 am flight and apartment hunting, I headed to an internship interview with An up & coming fashion company with the goal of helping rising designers. I wanted to wear my plaid Jeffrey Campbells that I bought for Christmas. Which brought on a 70s inspired look. 

 I chose to keep it simple with a black, sleek turtleneck and my mom’s escada jeans. Yeah, escada is an old lady brand, but these jeans are super cute! I love the crystal escada symbol on the front.

 For accessories, I wore my Hermes cuff and a new cuff my mom bought from Rainbow…
 It didn’t look like it was 20 dollars, right?

 Oh yes, and I’m rocking a new do. Very simple and just pulled back on top.

Well they definitely liked what I was wearing, because I got the internship! 🙂

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