Who knew comics & the human anatomy would be fashionable?

Well Australian fashion brand Black Milk Clothing certainly thought so when they released their latest collection. This line was very inspired by Comics, space, and the human body. They feature many pieces, which included, Tetris leggings, a comic book skirt, and muscle leggings. Black Milk Clothing utlize digital printing to create their fashion foward designs that appeal to the masses. This line may be one of few things that would geeks and fashionistas together!

1. Sick of Men Dress- $106
2. Sick of Men Skirt- $64
3. Mario “Wathcman” Swimsuit- $96
4. Tetris Leggings- $80
5. Circuit Board Leggings- $80

6. Muscles Leggings-$80
7. Skeleton Swimsuit-$96
8. Ribs Dress- $106
9. Blue Veins Leggings-$64

Photos Courtesy of: Comicsalliance.com

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