Style Cap: Spring Edition!

Yesterday at work, I saw lots of spring trends with the warm coming this week. So it was only right I did my first spring style cap with two of my friends.

First, My friend Renee this very colorful outfit. She is also blogger and you can check out her site at luxerebel.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Ebay- Vintage Le Sport
Necklace: Vintage
Sandals: Nordstrom- Jeffrey Campbell
Purse: Forever 21

Renee’s look was inspired first with the print of her skirt. She has a dress with a similar print and it reminded her about the skirt. Once she chose the skirt, she couldn’t figure out what top she wanted. The chambray was a great contrast against the skirt. Her Jeffrey Campbell laced up oxfords are her favorite shoes so it was only right.

Renee brought lots of spring trends with this look. Light chambray is always a good pick for the spring/summer and bright prints are definitely in for this season.

Next up is David! You probably remember David, because I have done a style cap of him before.

For his look, David wanted a new springtime pop of color with his blue pants. Which shows that men can wear colored pants too. He chose those pants, because they matched his paisley printed bowtie. David executed his look very well.

Skirt- Goodwill
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Robert Wayne
Bow tie- TJ Maxx

Thank you Renee and David! 🙂

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