Beauty Post: Mixed Chicks Quad Pack Review

My favorite hairstyle I has always been the natural curly “fro”. The only problem is that my hair would always frizz up after a few hours. I heard of the “Mixed Chicks” line, but was never impressed because the name of the brand never related to me. Recently, my mom told me to try out the Quad Pack and see how it worked.

The quad pack includes of: Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner, and Silk Spray. I received my order this week and finally used the products. Here’s my regime:

First, I shampoo’ed my hair with the Mixed Chicks shampoo 3 times. It’s my normal routine to wash 3 times, but I realized the Mixed Chicks shampoo is thicker so I can go through twice next time.

Next is the deep conditioner, which in the reviews everyone said you can feel the effects once it’s on your hair and that is VERY true. The second I worked it through my hair it detangled right through my curls and my hair was silky smooth! Being that it was my first time using the product I rinsed it out after a few minutes.

I then applied the Leave-In Conditioner and let the product settle in.

Here is my hair right after applying the quad pack:

….then a few hours later:

Overall, the Quad Pack has been working very well but I’m not completely satisfied. Through out the week, I’ve been mixing the Deep Conditioner & Leave-In Conditioner and applying together. I definitely see more of a curl pattern in my hair, but the frizz has not been totally tamed. I will definitely continue to use the quad pack, but will be looking elsewhere to seal the deal. 🙂

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