Paige Denim

Earlier this week, my mom sent me this text message referring to a pair of dark teal Paige Denim dress slacks that I purchased from the Nordstrom Rack.

What attracted me to the slacks were the length (which is very important…there’s nothing worst than a pair of short slacks.) and stretch of the material.
Plus, I got them for a great deal!!

As you can see they look great on me! 🙂

The terrific aspects of the slacks that attracted me to them, are the same reasons why many choose to purchase Paige Denim. The percentage of stretch fabric used in the jeans adds great comfort and fit, which works for women of all sizes. Now Paige Denim may not be for the fashionista on a budget, but you pay for the quality and comfort. Their price point ranges from $150-$300. As you saw from the slacks I purchased, you can find them also at a reduced price.

Here are a few examples of a few various styles from Paige Denim:

Paige Denim can be purchased at their website and many major retailers across the US.

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