CoCo & Breezy bring you THE APPETIZER with Theophilus London and Vinny Cha$e!

Designers, CoCo & Breezy have released a new collaboration with Copy & Paste called….. THE APPETIZER! The Appetizer Varsity Jacket (seen above) is a limited edition piece and retails at $350.00. There were only 100 made (50 for men and 50 for women). You can only purchase the jacket online at  or 
I love the jacket, it’s a very modern spin on the classic varsity jacket. CoCo & Breezy need to send one my way! 🙂
CoCo & Breezy also recently interviewed Theophilus London and Vinny Cha$e to find out what their “appetizer” is that inspires their music and fashion. Theophilus & Vinny speak on their new music and fashion inspiration… 

This post was exclusively brought to by: The Trapped Fashionista!

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