Diary Post: My sunday with Michael….

This past Sunday, I was approached at work by a customer only needing a pair of pants altered, a tie, & dress shoes. It was a bit hectic when she greeted me, but I told her I would over in just a moment. Once I was freed from behind the counter, I finally got to meet Theresa & her son Michael.

Theresa came in with Michael for his first communion. They brought in a pair of his older brothers old dress pants to get taken out and to purchase a new tie & dress shoes. Once a member from alterations came up, we realized the old dress pants weren’t going to work for Michael and we had to go another route…

After debating sizes, I suggested a pair of Nordstrom Linen pants. Theresa liked the idea, then asked about him doing a full linen suit. Which I thought was a great idea, because they are attending a wedding later this summer and he can wear the suit to both events.

Once the suit was finalized, we went to try shoes and chose brown sperry loafers. My personal favorite dress shoes.. they have such a classic look to them! Then it was onto the tie, the final decision was a blue striped tie from C2. The tie had a great contrast to it with the suit.

Here I am with Michael before they left… I know he will be looking very sharp at his First Communion! 🙂

I will be do a follow up post with him on the day of his first communion day!

Thanks Theresa & Michael!

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