DIY Project: Bleaching and Fraying Jeans!

I was inspired to style a look similar to this look Rihanna for Drake’s Paradise Tour. I liked the jean shorts and the plaid shorts through the shorts. It was her interpretation of a classic 90’s look to me.
To make the look my own, I decided to make this a DIY Project and make my own bleach and frayed jean shorts. I purchased a pair of old jeans from Goodwill, cut them and make them into this masterpiece:  

To add more drama to the shorts, I decided to use the studs I purchased a few months ago. It was my first time using real studs, but I love the extra effect that they added to the jeans.

Here’s the look I wore the Drake: Paradise Tour concert! I wanted to have a coachella, like feel at the concert so my friends and I decided to get lawn seats. Which ended up NOT in our favor, because we ended up in the mist of a thunderstorm.

(This was me after the rain!)

 Shirt: Nordstrom
 Plaid Shirt: Goodwill
 Shorts: Made by me!
 Shoes: Converse

I documented the process of re designing the jeans in a tutorial, please take a look! Let me know if you have any questions…

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