Gram Shoes!

Yesterday, my good friend Kelechi tweeted me and directed me to the website for Gram shoes. With the name ‘Gram Shoes’, I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasently surprised. To me Gram shoes are a collection of dope hipster classic shoes that are somewhere in between a sneaker & an oxford.

According to their website, Gram Shoes was founded by Alexis Holm and Anna Stenvi in 2005. They are based out of Stockholm, Sweden and their head designer, Alexis is based out of Hong Kong. The brand is centered around the concept of weight, with each shoe being named after its weight in Grams. That concept is soooo dope to me! No one thinks about Grams or any type of measurement on a normal basis, but now people will know their shoes in Grams.

Here are a few of the shoes I want to show, but just know if I could post them all I would!

‘352g Brown oiled leather’- $98

‘379g Paradisträd Natural Cotton Canvas’-$164

‘ 380g’ navy runner – $187

‘ 380g jobs stugrabatt red’ – $176

‘ 380g black cut-out leather sandal’- $165

‘380g- paradisträd natraul cotton canvas’- $187

‘383g Hand-Punched natural leather’ -$186

‘383g Black full grain leater’ -$164

‘383g Blue Wool Check’ -$98

‘386g Brown oiled leather’-$109

‘398g Black/Brown leather combo’ -$175

‘398g Jobs kastanj green’ – $186

‘398g black suede’ -$142

‘488g khaki canvas’ -$164

‘488g Army green suede’-$164

‘497g Triple black combo-$186

‘497g Brown combo’-$197

Please comment and tell me what you think of Gram shoes!

You can shop Gram shoes at

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