Swimsuits for the fashionista NOT on a budget!

The previous post I presented lower priced swimsuits for the woman who doesn’t want to spend too much on a swim suit. On the flip side, I chose all the following suits from Modcloth.com . I love the old retro vibe of all of their suits… I would honestly wear EVERY single one of the suits! 
Black and white retro 2 piece 
 Top- $57.99
Bottom- $67.99
Coupe of Tea 2 piece
 Suit- $89.99
Bathing Beauty 2 piece
 Top- $89.99
H2 Retro 2 piece
 Top- $97.99
Bottom- $67.99
Sailorette at Sea top
 Beach Fireworks bottom
Top- $73.99
Bottom- $57.99
Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece
Merry Mariner One Piece 
Synchronized Grinning One Piece 
**Photos courtesy of: Modcloth 

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