DIY Project: Ombre Chambray Shirt

After my last DIY project of the frayed & bleached shorts, I’ve been brainstorming many other ideas because I enjoyed that project so much. For my next project I decided to bleach a denim shirt to give it an ombre effect. Through my various DIY projects I’ve realized that many of these products people spend almost 5x the amount it cost to actually make them. It saves so much money to go to a thrift store buy the jeans & bleach them yourself… You know i’m always the fashionista on a budget!

Here is my step by step of the Ombre Denim Shirt:

1. Prepare Supplies
-1 denim shirt

I bought my shirt from my 2nd home… Goodwill!


-and plenty of open space

2. Pre fill your sink with a bit of water

3. Add bleach to your water

(First, sorry about the dishes! Second, yes I was in PJs!)

4. Dip the chambray shirt into the bleach solution

5. Let the shirt soak. I let my shirt soak for about 20 minutes…

6. Add bits of bleach while the shirt soaks.

7. Take shirt out of solution & check progress

My shirt started to lighten, but hadn’t gotten to the point that I wanted it to. So I put it back into the solution

Here are the results after I took it out the solution. I realized that the bleach hadn’t reached on the sides to I had to dip the left side back in.

8. Hang the shirt to let it hang dry for 5 mins

9. Wash the shirt. I washed my shirt twice because it reeked heavily of bleach.

10. Enjoy!!

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