Get this look: Brandy’s Peasant Romper

This past week, singer, Brandy performed at Howard University for her new album ‘Two Eleven’. 
She rocked a blue peasant ruffled top romper and black studded combat boots.
I’ve spent all day on the internet looking for the romper Brandy wore or a similar top short combination. I was not successful in my search, but below I have my closest look: 

 ‘Haute Hippie Silk Romper’ (Nordstrom)- $325

Although the romper is not the same peasant style, it is the same color and you still get the romper look.
I do feel I got the boots perfectly with these Steve Madden studded boots.

 Steve Madden ‘Tarnney’ Boot (Nordstrom)- $149.95

Also, Make sure you take a look at Brandy perform her single, “Put It Down”.

**Photos Courtesy of: TheBrandyBlog

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