Dear Diary, Trip to San Diego Pt. 2

We made our way to San Diego to celebrate Matt & Taylor’s graduation… and the good times began!

Since majority of our family was together. We decided to take a family picture. I took a few snapshots that I took:

Brittyn, Brieonni, Bryce, our cousin Stephanie, & Brandy

Fat Fat & our cousin Noelle

After taking a full family photo, each family took a picture of our granddad & his wife, Jean. Here is ours!

Then the uncles & aunts had to take a picture! My mom is so cute on the end!

Then my mom & auntie Angie.
After all the family pictures, I took a few pictures with more of my cousins.

My cousins Taylor, Winter, & I.

My cousin Matt & I.

My cousin Ashley & I.

My cousin Aaron & I.

Then all the cousins decided to go to Downtown San Diego to see the aftermath of Comic Con and enjoy the city.

We ended the night with fireworks! It was a great way to a day with my family! 🙂

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