DIY Project: Confetti Nails

I honestly can not tell you the last time I painted my nails myself. Last night I attempted to do a simple navy polish and within my project I did “confetti” nails. I painted my nails navy & added a confetti polish on top.. Came out with a very cool effect.

Here is my step by step process:

Step One: Prepare Supplies (Don’t forget nail polish remover, cotton balls, & q-tips for clean up!)

Step Two: Apply base coat & Let it dry

Step Three: Apply Nail Polish (Depending on your polish you may have to apply two coats!)

Step Four: Apply “effect polish”( I chose the silver Confetti polish.)

Step Five: Add second polish (OPTIONAL!) I put this color on the index finger of my left hand for some added fun. Definitely an optional step.

Step Six: Apply Top Coat

Here is my final product:

Please remember this was my first time doing my nails! I don’t think I did horrible, but I will definitely work on controling the application. Here are some close up shots too..

They look good from a far… Promise! LOL

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