Day One: Juicing

Around 9 am, we had our first drink of the day. We weren’t super prepared inventory wise on the fruits & veggies but we did have some handy for our drinks. We decided to combine carrots and apples for a nice mix of fruits & veggies.

We have “The Juice Foundation Plus” from Breville. On the Breville website, it is priced at $149.99. My parents purchased it at Bransmart, so I’m not sure if it was retail price.

At the first drink, I was feeling fine. Around 11, I started to get a headache so I took an excederin migraine. A little after noon, we made our second drink of the day. This was my first “green” drink. When it comes to green drinks, I always get nervous of how bad it will taste.

For our drink, we used cucumbers, spinach, & apples. My mom gave me her little trick for her green drinks. She added a few drops of hot sauce to her drinks for a kick of flavor in the drink. I didn’t get a picture of the individual ingredients, but here’s the drink in the juicer.

After this drink, I started feeling very light headed. We realized it was best to keep ourselves busy so that we wouldn’t think about food. We took a trip to Walmart to stock up on fruits & veggies.

We bought 3 bags of oranges, 2 watermelons, 2 bags of celery, a bag of carrots, 2 containers of pineapples, a container of cherries, a bag of cherries, a bag of nectarines, a bag of apples, a bag of tomatoes, & 2 containers of strawberries.

We made our third drink after putting our groceries away. My mom suggested tomato, orange, and pineapples. It was an interesting combination & I was intrigued on how it would come out. It was VERY good! Thumbs up to mom!

After that drink, I can honestly say that I thought I was going to LOSE my mind. I was about to go eat a carton of Ritz crackers, Honey Grahams, Vanilla Wafers, and anything else in our pantry. We decided to go on a walk/jog so that we could keep ourselves occupied..until Love & Hip Hop Atlanta came on. (It’s a guilty pleasure!) LOL.

FINALLY….my dad arrives home so that we can have our one meal of the day. My dad made salmon on bread with cream cheese & tomatoes. YUUUMMMMMM.

Day one had bits of struggle, but I made it! I just have to keep mentally strong so that I can make through this whole experience.

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