My personal style: Bryce

I decided to do a style project on my sisters, because they all have great unique style. I don’t get to showcase them enough on TTF. I gave each of them a photoshoot with a look that they picked out to show their style. Well… I did help a little with each look.

First up, Bryce! We always call Bryce the “old lady” of the house, because she loves vintage items, listens to opera, & takes long mid day bubble baths. So it was only right that we took her back to the 60s for her look.

When Bryce said she wanted a vintage look the first piece I thought of was this Valentino houndstooth pencil skirt I found at Goodwill. It was the perfect simple skirt that has a classic look to it. Bryce chose a black t shirt & red cardigan for a pop of color. Bryce wears a bigger size shoe that I do, so we chose a shoe of mine that she could fit and still went with her look.

The photographer & model.

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