Crab Salad!

My Auntie Angie makes the BEST crab salad. She came to visit us last week & left us with the recipe. My mom made it today & I watched to learn the recipe myself.
It’s a pretty simple recipe, so I thought I would share.

1. Prepare supplies: you’ll need “crab” meat, mrs dash, dill weed, 2 containers of mayonnaise, celery,& onions.

2. Break up the “crab” meat

3. Add Mayonnaise, dill weed, & mrs. dash

4. Chop up celery

5. Add celery

6. Repeat with onion

7. Mix it up!! Here you can add more mayonnaise to the crab salad…depending how much moisture you would like it to have. We don’t like dry crab salad so add in more mayonnaise.

8. Let it chill in the fridge

And your all done…simple,right?

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