My Fall Fashion Wish List

Since we are in our first week of fall, I wanted to show my ‘ Fall Wish list’ of pieces or trends that I want to wear this fall. Now since I’m back on the west coast, fall hasn’t quite hit us weather wise. So I have time to prep for when it does get cooler here.

1. The Printed Blazer- I’ve seen many printed blazers this season and everyone should add this into their collection. It’s a great piece to add that can be used no matter the season and can move a look from work to night life.

This particular blazer I am CRAZY over. It is by Clover Canyon and can be found at The ancient paisley print gives off an almost vintage Versace look. I have already envisioned the look I will wear with this blazer.

2. Pullover Sweater- Pullover Sweaters are one of my favorite pieces for the fall. I was recently packing and organizing my clothes for my move and realized I have about 8 pull over sweaters. I think I have a slight addiction.

Well this ‘Garcon’ sweater from TopShop for Nordstromv will have to be added to my closet. I looks like it would be very comfortable and have a ‘boyfriend’ fit. Which is fitting for me,because I love to layer button ups under pull over sweaters.

3. Colored Leather Leggings- I’ve seen a lot of personal blogs that I go to talk about leather leggings. I have not been a huge fan of them, but I have grown a liking of colored leather leggings.

Both pair above were from Nordstrom , but I know there are lots from various brands.

4. Mixed Media- Speaking of leather, the use of “mixed media” with leather has been very popular this year and will be a very big trend this fall. This is probably my favorite trend. I have seen lots of pieces that I really liked, but never went back to purchase. This year I will not make that mistake again.

Each of the pieces above I would wear, but I especially am looking out for the TopShop for Nordstrom denim jacket with leather sleeves.

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