Navy blouse with the perfect slack.

Today, I had my follow up interview from earlier this week. I decided to bring my A Game to this interview. I hadn’t wore my teal Paige Denim slacks yet and this was the perfect opportunity. I didn’t have a top to wear it with so my mom took me to the mall & we browsed for a top. I went to get a manicure for my interview & my mom cruised through Forever21 for options. She found this really cute navy blouse with rhinestoned neckline & wrists. The quality of the blouse makes it look like it’s not from Forever21 and from a more higher classed retailer.

I feel i’m giving a classic, tailored color blocked look. The pants are THE perfect fit and that’s what made the look so great. They fit great in the legs and the length is wonderful. It resembles a 70’s wide leg pant.

Plus, they feel like butter on…. any opportunity I get. I will definitely be wearing these in the future.

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