Top five items I’m coveting from the Target x Neiman Marcus line!

1. Alice + Olivia Bike: I’m not exactly sure where I would ever bike ride in 2012, but I love this bike. I may need it to just hang on the wall. It’s so adorably cute!

2. Derek Lam Skateboard: I will be hanging this on the wall right next to the A + O bike. It’s so sleek and cool. Definitely need this too!

3 & 4. Tory Burch Lunch Box & Drink Container: A Tory Burch lunch box. This is a definite fashion NECESSITY for me. This is the cutest chic lunch box to carry to work. Then, add the drink container with it. Double dose of Chic!

5. Thom Browne Blazer: All my readers should know I love blazers, so it’s no surprise this was one of my top coveted pieces. The piping gives the blazer a nice, classic, prep look. I am interested in the look of the quality in person.

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