Stripes & Handstands

Today was preparation day for another interview I have tomorrow. I had to run a few errands with my mom, went to the bank, & got a manicure. During the summer my mom bought this striped blazer for my sister Bryce at a vintage shop. We all loved the colors in the blazers, because they are so vivid. While I was semi raiding my sisters closet this morning, I saw the blazer and knew that’s what I wanted to wear. I paired the blazer with my navy bandage skirt, because I hardly ever wear skirts.

I went what Carrie Bradshaw would call “ghetto gold” with a Louis nameplate. (Which I lost for about a week once & my mom almost killed me. But I found it under my bed! ) Also, my mom lent me her Louis charm bracelet. Which my dad bought her for their wedding anniversary one year. So sweet, right?

While I had my mini photo shoot, Brittyn aka Great Brittyn decided to practice her gymnastics behind me. Made great shots!

(I know this one is blurry, but it was the only shot that we captured a perfect handstand.)

Jacket: Vintage Skirt: Forever 21 Tank Top: H&M Sandals: Not Sure Jewelry: Louis Vuitton & Claire’s (my earrings)

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