Urban Outfitters is bringing back Lisa Frank!!

Urban Outfitters have brought me back to elementary school by releasing a Limited Edition line with Lisa Frank… Yes, LISA FRANK! When I saw the email about the line, I screamed out of excitement. I was OBSESSED with Lisa Frank as a kid and actually owned many of the pieces in the line (shown below). Which I will be repurchasing to collect. Also, Urban Outfitters were lucky enough to get an interview with Lisa Frank.. which is posted below also.

 Stationery Pack: $16

 Book Cover (Set of Two): $10

 Alphabet Stickers: $12

 Cookie Jar: $79

 Poster Book: $28

 Jumbo Erasers (Pack of Six): $10

 Jumbo Sticker Sheet (Set of Two): $8

 Memo Pad: $8

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Collection Book: $8

 Poster Book: $28

 Stationery Set: $14

 Photo Album: $35

 Spiral Notebook: $10

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Box: $14

 Sticker Pack: $14

 Sticker Sheet (Pack of Ten): $14

 Tri-Fold Binder Set: $35

 Desk Set: $20

 Notecard (Set of Eight): $14

 Vinyl Zip Pouch: $10

Writing Book: $10

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