Style Cap: Jordan

Meet Jordan! One of my coworkers at Kate Spade, she wore this very chic look this past Saturday and I had to capture the look. She had on a black long sleeve shirt, tweed skirt, and flats. I also loved the zipper details on the back of the shirt and skirt. We are having our first taste of fall weather here in the desert so her look was the right way to bring in the fall.

With the cold weather, Jordan decided to bring out her tweed Kate Spade that she bought earlier this year. Under the skirt was actually a long sleeve dress from Target, because she didn’t have a black long sleeve shirt. She frequently wears fitted dresses under skirts. (Which I will be definitely trying out.) She chose a very nice gold statement necklace to tie the look all together.

Shirt (Dress): Target Skirt: Kate Spade Shoes: Nine West Accessories: Boutique in Omaha (Name Brand Clothing)

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