Christmas Eve 2012

As tradition, We ended our Christmas Eve with our annual gingerbread contest. It’s always a fierce competition but we try to play fair. (Remember I said try! LOL) 

 Here are all of our supplies for the house.

Then the teams got started! My mom teamed up with Brittyn and Raylee to help them out since they are  the youngest. 

Brandy and Brieonni teamed up!

 And Bryce and myself teamed up to beat everyone!

 We had a marshmallow themed gingerbread house. We covered the roof in marshmallows and trimmed the edges with marshmallow sticks!

Brandy and Brieonni wanted to make it a “Candy Wonderland” with lots of candy and icing!

While the youngest team went the over decorated route! They covered every inch of the house which we great for when we ate everything off later that night. 
Ultimately, the winning team was…. MY TEAM!! 

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