Hi, Can I Take Your Picture?: Elise

“Hi, Can I Take Your Picture for my blog?” is apart of my normal greeting when I ask people for style post. Which is how I met Elise.. She was out shopping with her mother and came into Kate Spade. I was with a client and noticed her posh outfit from afar. 

 I loved the almost “Indie British” she brought to her look with her beautiful coat, simple sweater, tailored pants, and fabulous boots. And please let’s not forget her purse, which was a briefcase style bag. Which really finished off her look. It’s always nice to see a well dressed person, while living in the desert but most people can still wear flip flops and t shirts right now.

Elise started her look off her coat and pieced everything from there. Her coat is one of her favorite pieces and often enjoys to mix off looks from the coat. 

Sweater: Forever21 Coat: Nectar (store in Redlands, CA) Pants: Nectar Boots: Nine West at Macy’s Purse: J. Crew

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