A Superbowl to remember: BeyonceBowl

Tonight, Beyonce showed exactly
why she is Queen Bey! She definitely brought her ‘A Game’ to the superbowl by starting her performance with ‘Love on Top’. Then getting the energy on fire with Crazy in Love.

During which she displayed her awesome screens on the stage that showed multiple Beyonce’s doing choreography. She showed off new choreography with one of my favorites, “End of Time”. “Baby Boy” followed with another screen rising to display Beyonce with more of her multiples!

Then out of nowhere, Kelly and Michelle popped out from the sides and there we had it…. the Destiny’s Child reunion! They performed “Bootylicious”, “Independent Woman”, & “Single ladies”! Yes, Kelly and Michelle sang and danced to the epic Single Ladies. It was just as amazing as it sounds! (If you haven’t seen it and if you haven’t then leave whatever rock you are under and go watch!)

She ended the performance with a touching rendition of “Halo” which ended her performance on a great note. Which proved that tonight was the BEYONCEBOWL!

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