Kate Spade Style

” true style comes when you follow your own rules” -kate spade

Since working at Kate Spade, I feel my personal style changing more & more everyday. It has truly opened me back into the world that fashion can be fun and that I can play with my style by adding in kate spade elements, but still keep my crisp aesthetic. I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”, but now I have slowly become more girly and mature myself in that way. (I bought my first make up case last week & bought make up to go in it! lol)

Over the past few weeks, I have been pairing looks on myself and really getting a feel for what Kate Spade is all about. I now have a few items I am definitely adding into my wish list for the year! A few tips I have learned to start implementing:

  • belting dresses- always a great way to accentuate your waistline & add extra flair to any dress
  • mix prints- don’t be afraid to do it! you will either look super crazy and fashionable or just plain fashionable
  • layering tops with dresses- it’s a new trend i will definitely be trying, but something very fun for work & play. 
  • always throw on heels- whether you have on a dress, slacks, or just jeans with a tee. you can put heels on for any occasion
  • have fun with your accessories! adding a statement necklace or a few bracelets never hurt anyone! 
  • just have fun & skirt the rules! 

Here are a few of the looks I have put together:

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