My New Obsession: PARTY SKIRTS!

This past Friday at work, I met the cutest ginger (a redhead) named Lauren. While shopping, she tried on one of our dresses, shoes, & worked a clutch into the look. She looked absolutely adorable and I knew she was definitely a fashionable girl. Through us talking while I finished her purchase, she told me about the company she had with her sister called PARTY SKIRTS.

Mariel & Lauren Armstrong

She explained that her mother used to make them skirts when they were younger so they made them into their own phenomenon in Vancouver. (Where they live now!) And I see why… they are so stinkin’ cute! PARTY SKIRTS are high waisted 100% silk skirts that come in various colors for every girl.

Whether your a girly girl or have rocker chic style, PARTY SKIRTS work with all styles. They are a great new staple piece to have in your closet. And I feel an be essential for party (obviously!) and for work. (I definitely need one sent my way! I would rock one non stop.) You can see PARTY SKIRTS at their website and on twitter & instragram at partyskirts! 
Thanks Lauren! And I wish you & Mariel much success in the future! 

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