How to get back on your feet after years out of fashion…

start a kickstarter page! Which is exactly what Patrick Robinson is doing to start his new line, Paskho! When started his position at Gap, he wasn’t able to express hisself through design which is why it’s great he is starting his new line. It’s wonderful to have a designer starting a new line with the wonderful donations of supporters and taking things into their own hands. His goal is to reach $50,000 and he has already raised over $11,000 this week. He’s off to a great start and I wish him the best luck to reach his goal by April 5th.

Here are a few snippets of Robinson’s thoughts on Paskho:

“Simple, beautiful, comfortable clothing that people can afford. It was this desire that led to my new endeavor: PASKHO – ancient Greek for passion. PASKHO is my passion.

This is the introduction of my first men’s and women’s collection which includes lounge, active wear and urban clothes geared toward the athlete. The clothes evoke an active, urban soulfulness, filtered through a cool, minimal aesthetic. Pieces are versatile enough to take you from a city bike ride to a lunch meeting, from working out to just hanging out.

I’ve obsessed over the details of fabric, fit and finish. Using my years of experience in the fashion industry, I’m working with the same fabrics and factories as many of today’s top luxury brands. And since I am selling directly to you, I can offer the collection at amazing prices.

PASKHO is about collaboration. I want a dialogue with you and I want you to be part of our community from its inception. It’s time for a new model in fashion – a simpler one. I make what you want, I sell directly to you, and together we reduce waste, reduce pricing, and make better products with more integrity.”

Here are some images from his collection:

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