beyonce curates a collection for rent the runway!

in celebration with her new tour, beyonce (who has become quite the style icon) curated selections on the site rent the runway! which i just discovered & am obsessed with! from rent the runway, you can rent pieces from many high fashion designers on a 4 to 8 day period. this is so amazing if you have an event or special occasion and need a last minute look for it!


“now back to my beyonce’s”– jay z…. 

it’s great to see the selections beyonce made, which include many dresses and two or three jumpsuits. that fits her style, so it could see why it was that way. also, i was so happy to see beyonce chose a few kate spade pieces!
you can see beyonces full collection here.

here are my top picks from the collection, including the kate spade pieces!

 (kate spade dress!)

 (kate spade earrings)
(kate spade necklace)

what do you think of beyonce’s pieces?

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