my daycation to santa monica!

this past wednesday, my neighbor faith had a doctor’s appointment in santa monica and asked me to ride along with her. santa monica is about 2 hours away so it’s definitely a long car ride to be by yourself. i’ve never been to santa monica so i was definitely up for the ride. 

 the ride was pretty smooth and we ran into a little traffic once we hit LA… which is expected. check out how my trip went below:

 once we got to the doctor’s office, they informed us that i wouldn’t be able to go beyond the waiting room with faith. i really wanted to be there for her, but i realized my phone was dying so i was going to go hunt for a phone charger. (i can’t live without my phone!) then faith let me know that we weren’t too far from the santa monica pier and to walk down and see the ocean…. i definitely would not turn that down!

along the way, i saw very beach and vintage buildings that embodied the santa monica vibe. 

 i then hit the 3rd street promenade, which is like their outdoor mall and is amazing!!! i found out there was an apple store, but i did snap a few pics of the stores in the promenade.

 after hitting the apple store and paying a million dollars for a iphone charger, i walked down to the pier. it was a beautiful cool day out and it was amazing to see the ocean and clear blue skies.

(the typical santa monica beach-hipter style!)

 on the drive back home, faith told me about this cool restaurant called “the boiling crab” that she frequents with her family. the first thing she told me is that they serve their shrimp with the heads on… i was completely intrigued with the restaurant.

 it’s very similar to bubba gump shrimp, but with more edge and better food… sorry, but true!

when you get to the table, they put white paper on the table and give you a bib.

 we ordered a pound of the shrimp with cajun seasoning and this is how it came. then i realized you have to eat with your hands and can be very messy with the selections here. this definitely is not the type of restaurant you want to come to on your first date with someone.

i’m so glad faith asked me to come with her and i was able to have a few new experiences! 🙂

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