New Obsession: Warby Parker’s Fall Collection

I’m always the fashionista on a budget, so when I was browsing around and came across Warby Parker’s site…I was hooked! Warby Parker is an optical and sunglasses line that is vintage influenced with prices that start at $95. I love quality of WP’s frames with not-so-high of a price point.

And today marks the launch of the new fall collection, which pays homage to WP’s literary favorites. Glasses inspired by literature…amazing! When asked about the fall collection, Warby Parker stated that: 

Our newest collection for Fall 2013 recalls the shaky years when social change was nearing take-off, just before the Surgeon General denounced smoking and hemlines creeped north. We aimed to capture this enthusiasm in our second TV commercial, directed by Phil Andelman (maker of music videos for Taylor Swift, Rihanna and The Kills) and starring native New Yorkers Harry McNally and Malu Byrne. It’s a paean to the literary life.The collection debuts five new frames in a mix of materials—bold acetate in rich, autumnal colors at the brow and nose, and stainless steel-rimmed lenses. Each name—Ames, Ripley, Rowan, Holcomb and Ellison—is a reverent bow to some of our favorite literary references of the time. The 15 options, featuring sunwear and optical, provide midcentury style without the flea market goose chase. They’re instant classics for the post-aughts. 

Now Warby Parker is not actually one person, but was actually started by four friends. Four very handsome gentlemen, if I do say so! 
Since I’m the trapped fashionista, I got a preview to the collection and I get to share with all of you! 

Now I didn’t want to give away the full collection so I posted my personal favorites! The rest of the collection you can find at





Please comment and tell me which pair you love the post!! 

Thank you Warby Parker!

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