Rick Owens steps black girls into the heart of fashion!

 Today Rick Owens surprised the  entire fashion world…well actually, the entire UNIVERSE with his incredible “fashion show” that was actually a performance of young black women (and some white women as well) having a step show. All regular, not model women modeling Rick Owens while performing a full routine!

 BRAVO to Rick Owens to breaking barriers for african american women in fashion and also women who are not a size 00. Brown girls ran the runway and I’m so happy to capture many moments via instagram viewers who were attended the show! And stepping is a type of dance often done by college sororities and fraternities and no this is not TRIBAL DANCING OR VOODOO…Sadly, I saw many negative comments in reference to the show and the “voodoo” being performed and the “tribal dancing”

Below are images from the show…Get your entire life:

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