Met Gala 2014

today marked this year’s met gala aka the super bowl/grammys/oscars of fashion! everyone who is everyone comes out in their best designer picks for all to see…or judge. i’m only posting the looks of the night that i enjoyed, but i didn’t post who everyone i chose was wearing. (i’m sure all of you that by now!)
1_184630209485.jpg_gallery_max 3_184641834591.jpg_gallery_max 488318335_185803999580.jpg_gallery_max 488322257_193601685839.jpg_gallery_max 488333653_20083753278.jpg_gallery_max img-beyonce_205127232490.jpg_gallery_max rihanna-2_204847320416.jpg_gallery_max anne-hathaway_205848775341.jpg_gallery_max img-erykahbadu_213340696084.jpg_gallery_max img-stellatennatmetgala_215617482725.jpg_gallery_max img-ditavonteesemetgala_221700915632.jpg_gallery_max img-cocobrandolinimetgala_221738457944.jpg_gallery_max slide_347465_3702813_free slide_347465_3703246_free slide_347465_3703080_free slide_347465_3702948_free slide_347465_3703092_free

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