diy project: sharpie mug!

it’s always nice to have a friday off work to sleep in, check all those old emails, and do diy projects! i saw this one online and thought this would be a great simple diy to do…. the sharpie mug! it’s great for gifts or just to customize mugs for your home.



it’s fairly take the sharpie and write or draw whatever you want on the mug! wallah..magic! LOL. it’s best to find a mug with little to no sheen, because then it is much harder to write on the mug. so the key is to go with a cheap mug. i bought these coffee mugs from my near by dollar store. and i loved them, because they have various colors on the inside.


for my sharpie mug, i chose to write my instagram/vine/twitter/everythingelse tag name @trappednfashion! easy advertising for me! look at the finished project below!

image_1 image_3 image_4

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