My new favorite site for dresses online: Review Australia!


summertime is the dress season! during the summer months you always need a new dress or two. this is the time of weddings, graduations, baby showers, and vacations. well, i found the perfect website to find dresses for every occasion: Review-Australia! Review is an australian based site that specializes in fun, feminine, and flirty dresses. They have beautiful dresses that are classic, yet still are very fashion forward. they remind me of charlotte york from sex and the city!

what really makes me love Review is that they have such a variety of dresses. there is no occasion that they do not cater to. the quality of Review’s dresses plus the price point makes this one of my favorite online shops. you can find dresses that are appropriate for work then style it up for a girls night out. every girl loves a dress that you can wear multiple ways! for all the brides, there are also bridesmaid dresses and styles that can be worn to more formal events. who doesn’t want to shop at a boutique that is a one stop shop?

re14dr369_remul001_1_23 re14dr369_remul001_3_23 re14dr336_rebrn013_1_15 re14dr336_rebrn013_3_14

photo 2 photo 1   photo 3 photo 4 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1photo 2



my sisters graduation is in two weeks, we all need dresses for the big event. I will definitely be adding some of the dresses below to my shopping list! plus, a few others to keep on hand for the rest of the year.

you can shop Review’s Dresses and please let me know what you love and placed in your cart!





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