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i love having fridays for off days, because one that means the start to a great weekend! plus that means i can run all my errands before the week ends. better late than never, right? fridays are no doubt just a great day. well my younger sisters had senior skip day a few fridays ago so i stole them to go on errands with me!

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i wanted an easy look for the day since the high was 110 degrees…yes, one hundred and ten degrees! sometimes i just don’t understand why i chose to live in the desert. i rarely wear these mint and off white striped jeans from forever21 since i can’t wear them to work anymore. i paired them with a simple silk top and my classic converse. just a nice, easy look for the perfect friday!

Shirt: Top Shop

Pants: Forever21

Shoes: Converse

Purse: Forever21

Accessories: Kate Spade

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