Lupita Nyong’o’s First Vogue Cover

It was been rumored that Lupita would be getting her first Vogue cover this year. Well she definitely deserves it…she has taken hollywood and the fashion world by storm in the last year. Maybe less than a year!

Thanks to my sweet addiction of social media, when I woke up this morning and opened instagram all i saw was this cover….



img-lupitanyongovoguecover_122954364342 Lupita’s first VOGUE cover! So happy for her! I was wishing that she would get the september issue this is just as good. Now I have to go buy all the copies in my area. She shot her spread in Morocco and i don’t know if Morocco made her look better or if she made Morocco look better.


See the entire spread below: lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-01_103558393476 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-02_103600948709 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-03_103601368484 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-04_103602569204 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-05_103603808938 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-06_103604788331 lupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-07_103605621171 Alupita-nyongo-vogue-cover-story-08_103605717533 All Photos Courtesy of

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