Channel Orange




The front of my parents mid century house has the most amazing orange front door. I finally had to convince my mom to let me shoot my looks out here. I will definitely be shooting all over the house now, because we’re finally putting the finishing touches on most of the house. IMG_1318

I wanted to have a nice mixed print look and I hadn’t combined my window pane top and leopard jeans. I thought the black and white in both tied them in together. Right? I never want to mix prints that are TOO much, but still work together. I think I definitely achieved that. IMG_1329 IMG_1335 IMG_1330 IMG_1323



Since it’s summer, I often get asked to drinks with friends or events after work. Most are casual here in the desert so I don’t have to wear heels. I’ve found myself keeping sneakers in my car to change into after work, because I want to keep my work looks edgy and fun. With this look, I decided to throw on my pink Alife sneakers that I only bring out for special occasions.

IMG_1337 IMG_1338 IMG_1341


Which look do you like more…. heels or sneakers?


Top: Kate Spade

Jeans: Kate Spade

Heels: Charlotte Russe

Sneakers: Alife

Purse: Forever21

Accessories: Kate Spade

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