#trappedintravel: packing list!





only three more days until my sisters (brandy and bryce) head to tokyo for the next 6 days! we are all so excited for the trip and have commenced our packing for the trip! since we’re girls, this has become a two day event already. we have to keep switching looks and matching it to the different events we have planned everyday.


i decided to do an essentials packing list for traveling:




  • passports or travel documents: you won’t get anywhere with these! we all have our passports and passport cards so we’re covered!
  • charger: in this age, you can’t leave anywhere without a charger or chargers! the girls decided that we are going to bring an extension cord with us so we can have everything charging at night!
  • magazines/books: my number one item when i’m flying is to have the latest magazines with me. long flights are the best time to go through and read all the articles. since we have a total of 19 hours traveling to japan. we will have a few books as well!
  • luggage/small cross body: well you have to pack somehow, right? our luggage was a little too big for the picture, but we all have luggage and are taking small cross body bags to have from day to day.
  • sneakers: since it’s rainy in tokyo right now, we are all bringing great day tennis shoes with us. we are all bringing a pair of converse for our long days of walking.
  • technology: as much as i need magazines and books, i will need my phone and laptop! lol. i have all my movies from itunes loaded up on my ipad ready to go! clueless and bridesmaids are always my favorites for flights. they keep me laughing.
  • camera: the most essential packing item to really savor your trip. your camera can document your entire trip and be your portfolio to show others.

i’m really excited for our trip and will try to post as much of it while we are in tokyo!

to see anything i post on instagram follow me @trappednfashion and follow our hashtag #trappedntravel

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