Part II (On The Run)


yesterday we hit pasadena to see the on the run tour with beyonce and jay-z. myself, my mom, and brittyn went to the concert! 


my mom gave brittyn an “upgrade u” video inspired braid! photo 1   photo 3 this is what happens to black girls when it rains at a concert. #blackgirlproblemsphoto 4 we spotted ellen pompeo from grey’s anatomy walking by from back stage. i totally fanned out in my seat when i saw 5 then…the show began! i didn’t get many photos, because the show was so good. i love the story that the concert told. it shows the up and downs of an everyday relationship between two people. they showed them meeting, the fun times, the bad patches, and ended it by saying through out it all we love each other. amazing!  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5this is real life. 

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