Blonde Ambition

Last week, I decided to go blonde again! I’ve been on & off again dying my bangs blonde for about 4 years. This time I decided to take it another step and dye the top half of my hair. Thanks to my wonderful beautician, my mom, we got up early in the morning and did it! woo hoo.

I always love to have color in my hair, because it adds an extra element to me. I’m not covered in tattoos, I don’t have lots of piercings, but my hair color is my thing!


photo 1

My hair typically lifts pretty fast, so I don’t have to keep the bleach on very long. This is we used L’Oreal “Super Blond” since it looked like the strongest dye there. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


Here’s the final result! The color made my hair a little brassy, but I know that brassy-ness typically comes out soon. What do you think of my color?

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