B*tch, say whaaaat?


My friends at WhoWhatWear did some much needed research and found the annual salaries of many fashion careers. I definitely want to post this, because like myself I know many of readers are younger fashionistas working on start a career themselves.


I know I have a nice spending habit so my income needs to exceed the prices of what I like to buy…haha! It was interesting to say the least to see the salaries of certain careers that I thought made more than they did. A few made me go, “BITCH, WHAT?”


Here are the 25 salaries that WhoWhatWear found. Do you agree?


main-1.original.585x0 main-2.original.585x0 main-3.original.585x0 main-4.original.585x0 main-5.original.585x0 main-6.original.585x0 main-7.original.585x0 main-8.original.585x0 main-9.original.585x0 main-10.original.585x0 main-11.original.585x0 main-12.original.585x0 main-13.original.585x0 main-14.original.585x0 main-15.original.585x0 main-16.original.585x0 main-17.original.585x0 main-18.original.585x0 main-19.original.585x0 main-20.original.585x0 main-21.original.585x0 main-22.original.585x0 main-23.original.585x0 main-24.original.585x0 main.original.585x0

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