Because i’m happy….

This week has been so wonderful I can’t contain myself! I’m cleansing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually…I can’t explain how free I feel! This was my look before classes today..

IMG_1276 IMG_1278

I am in love with these Old Navy ‘Pixie’ pants. (Which are currently on a promotion right now!) They are the best form fitting and comfortable pant that i’ve owned. Since I have a night class, I never want to dress too warm because my classroom is always chilly. My booty shorts last week weren’t the best decision. IMG_1280 IMG_1282

I want to take advantage of the last true days of summer. Even though here in the desert I will still be wearing sandals for atleast a few more weeks. I do like to try to abide by seasonal rules. (except white after labor day! lol)


What do you think? Are seasonal fashion rules still a thing? Or am just back to being a Californian that can wear sandals year round? lol

IMG_1284 IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1296 IMG_1306I’m always having a bangle party!


Shirt: Nordstrom

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: Forever21

Bag: Kate Spade

Accessoires: Kate Spade

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