when does personal style become personally…tacky?

article-0-1A9E01B900000578-974_306x620as a blogger, i know that everyone has their style staples that make their personal style unique…at what point does that get overdone? i’m using kim kardashian as an example but her staple of a fitted pencil skirt paired with a crop top or fitted skirt is becoming a little redundant. every time i open my instagram, it seems like i see the same look in variations of neutral colors over the past year. now i know there are pieces that i repeatedly wear on the blog, but i don’t wear the SAME outfit over and over and over again. sooner or later you have to go “okay, girl! enough is enough.”

bee7ded4548137ed6487609358a8966790b711f5 Kim Kardashian Heads To An Office Building Today Kim Kardashian and Kanye go out for dinner

someone in the kardashian-west clan, has to tell her that the pencil skirt-top-strappy heel era needs to end soon! i understand her style is evolving, but you can evolve into fashion limbo.


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