It’s Confirmed – Alessandro Michele Is Gucci’s New Creative Director

A Stairway To Fashion

www.astairwayfashion.comAlessandro Michele on the runway after the Gucci show

The speculations concerning Frida’s substitute arrived to an end. Alessandro Michele will occupy the post of Gucci‘s creative director, and Marco Bizzari – Gucci president and chief executive – reported to WWD that “Alessandro is not a big name. He is under the radar. He is known in the company as being the most talented person and is very much respected by the team. He knows Gucci inside and out.” [ Alessandro will have] “total creative responsibility for all of Gucci’s collections and its brand image.”

Alessandro joined Gucci back in 2002 following a stint as senior accessories designer at Fendi. Afterwords he became Frida Giannini‘s associate in 2011. “Alessandro is definitely the choice; he is not the temporary choice. Alessandro is by far my personal choice, and that of François-Henri Pinault. We share the same vision

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